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StorNext Pro STUDIO

Refresh or enhance existing Apple Xsan storage deployments with high-performance, scalable storage that’s 100% Xsan compatible. StorNext® Pro Studio includes everything you need to deploy storage in a production studio, making it ideal for post-production facilities with aging Xserves, aging storage, or those needing to meet growing demands and ‘can’t-miss’ deadlines.

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StorNext Pro STUDIO combines the Xcellis Workflow Director with the Quantum QXS-412 RAID Storage (48TB raw capacity) in an integrated solution that is cost-effective, easier to deploy and ideal for today’s production studios.

StorNext Pro STUDIO includes:

  • Xcellis Workflow Director
  • QXS-412 48TB RAID Base System
  • Service Spares Kit

Optional add-ons include:

  • QXS-412 48TB Expansion
  • Additional File system volume support
  • Unlimited DLC and NAS Client support
  • AEL6 Archive System (3-drive/41 slots)

The Xsan Refresh Solution

  • 100% Xsan compatible
  • Simple migration from existing environment
  • Complete, highly reliable and scalable


Q-Cloud Archive with StorNext 5

Adding Cloud Archive to your production workflow has never been easier. With StorNext 5 cloud is not an add-on, its a seamlessly integrated stage of your workflow. StorNext 5’s advanced design lets you add cloud archive with no added hardware, software, or complex setup. Because its built on StorNext, all your current applications just work with Q-cloud, no disruption in your workflow, nothing new to learn, no unfamiliar applications, no programming. Pay as you go cloud Archive made easy with Q-cloud.


StorNext Pro Studio Performance

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