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The perfect collaboration storage solution for small workgroups is here. Just because you have a limited number of users, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise performance, capabilities, or compatibility. StorNext Pro Foundation is designed for collaborative workgroups with up to seven users, combining proven StorNext collaboration and workflow support with a new price point that puts the power of StorNext within your reach.

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StorNext Pro Foundation Datasheet
Complete Storage Solution for Media Workflows


StorNext Pro Foundation is built to provide all the performance you expect from a StorNext Pro Solution, but sized for organizations like yours. With full- featured and rock-solid StorNext 5 collaboration software delivered on our next- generation Xcellis Workflow Director and providing 48TB or 96TB of raw storage capacity, this integrated solution is not only powerful and cost-effective but easy to deploy and maintain as well, making it ideal for your small creative, post or broadcast production workgroup.

StorNext Pro Foundation includes:

  • Xcellis Workflow Director
  • 48TB or 96TB of RAID 6 shared storage

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Optional add-ons include:

  • Service Spares Kit (Optional)
  • StorNext Pro Foundation 48TB Expansion
  • Additional File system volume support
  • Unlimited DLC and NAS Client support
  • AEL6 Archive System (3-drive/41 slots)

The Perfect Collaboration Storage Solution for Small Workgroups

  • Complete and Ready to Use
  • Up to 7 Users
  • Available with 48TB or 96TB of RAID 6 shared storage
  • 100% Xsan compatible


Q-Cloud Archive with StorNext 5

Adding Cloud Archive to your production workflow has never been easier. With StorNext 5 cloud is not an add-on, its a seamlessly integrated stage of your workflow. StorNext 5’s advanced design lets you add cloud archive with no added hardware, software, or complex setup. Because its built on StorNext, all your current applications just work with Q-cloud, no disruption in your workflow, nothing new to learn, no unfamiliar applications, no programming. Pay as you go cloud Archive made easy with Q-cloud.

Contact a workflow solution expert today to find out more information on the StorNext Pro FOUNDATION.