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Xcellis Scale-out NAS

Unified Unstructured Data at Scale

Powered by StorNext, Xcellis® Scale-out NAS delivers the highest levels of storage performance and scalability in a cost-effective, Ethernet-based appliance. The multi-protocol, multi-client Xcellis Scale-out NAS system joins robust media and metadata management, industry-leading performance — three times better than that of competing NAS systems — and unmatched scalability to support content creators’ most-demanding collaborative workflows and ease their transition to IP-based infrastructure.

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Xcellis Scale-out NAS

Workflow Storage for Media

StorNext provides the performance and reliability needed to meet extreme production and delivery deadlines. An end–to–end solution, StorNext provides the power to rapidly and efficiently ingest, collaborate, deliver and monetize content in digital libraries, plus automation to help you manage content throughout its lifecycle.

With StorNext, your creative team can focus on creative work, no matter what application or platform they, or their fellow team members, are working from.

high performance collaboration

High-Performance Collaboration

With ever shortening production schedules, content creators need immediate, shared access to media files to collaborate effectively. StorNext centralizes content and enables simultaneous, seamless, and faster file sharing on a high-speed SAN or LAN networks. StorNext Q-Series Storage is designed and configured for media files, with the unique performance capabilities required to manipulate large media files at very high rates and with complete reliability.

Monetize Content

With every new viewing device that arrives on the market and every new distribution outlet, new opportunities to monetize content arise. With that comes an increase in delivery formats and a need for storage infrastructure that supports compute intensive transcoding. Lattus Object Storage offers the disk-speed access needed to monetize content while allowing you to extend your online storage beyond the petabyte level.

monetize content

Long-term Archive

Long-term Archive

The value of content is not fully realized when it’s delivered, but when it’s carefully preserved, curated and made accessible for re-use or monetization in a digital library. StorNext offers the broadest range of archive storage options, include petabyte-scale, disk-based Lattus Object Storage, and pay-as-you-go Quantum Q-Cloud Archive, and tape-based StorNext AEL Archives, an economical choice with offsite protection.

Workflow Intelligence

To help manage content throughout its lifecycle, StorNext Storage Manager analyzes usage patterns and uses policies you set based on your workflow and budget requirements to determine the optimal location for assets. Then, StorNext Storage Manager’s policy engine automatically migrates assets between storage types, while keeping the assets transparently accessible to users and applications regardless of location.

Workflow Intelligence

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