Built-In Cloud Archives for StorNext

Designed for content creators, content owners, and media workflows, FlexTier™ is the easy, flexible, and reliable cloud storage solution from Quantum, the leader in open systems collaborative storage.

FlexTier cloud access for StorNext allows you to connect easily and automatically manage data with your own public cloud accounts private cloud storage with complete workflow integration.

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StorNext Integrated Cloud Archive

As an integrated StorNext service, FlexTier is fully compatible with your existing StorNext workflow, allowing you to seamlessly integrate cloud storage without additional hardware or software.

Archive Off-Site Safely and Securely

With FlexTier, you can leverage existing public and private cloud resources to archive valuable content, and gain the visibility, access and automated data management for which StorNext is known. FlexTier is the perfect solution for taking on additional projects, archiving assets long-term for re-monetization, or simply as an offset asset pool.

No Complex Set Up

Unlike other cloud onramps that require complex setup, third party gateways, and unfamiliar software, FlexTier is built into StorNext and works seamlessly with your existing workflow. No worries about application compatibility. You define your workflow, not the cloud provider.

  • With FlexTier, customers get the benefit of StorNext being both workflow-guided and tier-aware. This is key to leveraging the cloud where it makes sense and in the most effective way possible, particularly in demanding media environments.
  • Jason Kranitz
  • Vice President of Sales, Integrated Media Technologies Inc.

To learn more about how Quantum can help you integrate cloud into your StorNext workflow, contact Quantum today.