Xcellis for Xsan:

Making the Move from Xsan to StorNext

Many facilities with aging Apple Xsan deployments are looking for robust solutions that offer greater flexibility, increased capabilities, and maintain the ability to leverage their existing workflow investment StorNext is the ideal next step. StorNext is the only 100% Xsan compatible shared storage solution, preserving your current investment while ensuring high availability with unmatched online performance seamless end-to-end workflow capabilities. From ingest to work in process, delivery and archive, StorNext does it all, without changing the way you work.

Earn up to $8k in Credit – Make the Move

Replacing an Xsan metadata controller (MDC) with a StorNext MDC can be as simple as…


Unmount current Xsan clients and volume(s)


Move the current Xsan Config information to the replacement StorNext MDC


Confirm Xsan Config file transferred properly & set up StorNext MDC as primary


Point Mac clients to StorNext MDC and mount SAN volume

* This is an example of a basic Xsan deployment, many deployments are more complex and procudures will vary. Your quantum technical represenative can assist you in understanding your specific requirements

Benefits of Quantum StorNext to Apple Xsan Users

  • Proven Enterprise-level hardware for maximum reliability and performance
  • A complete end-to-end workflow storage solution managing storage from Ingest through archive
  • 100% Xsan compatibility – no workflow changes with workstation support for Mac Xsan clients, StorNext Windows and Linux clients
  • High-performance IP connectivity for modern workflows – transcoding, delivery and preview stations on Windows and Linux
  • Modern StorNext 5 platform for highest performance in 4K, DPX workflows, multi format ingest and delivery
  • Dedicated media experts, world-class support
  • Forward-looking roadmap, with ongoing development focused on the creative market

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