Looking to upgrade or replace your Active Storage solution for your media or creative workflows?

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Upgrading your Active Storage RAID or ActiveSAN environment? You should know…


Active Storage is no longer reselling StorNext


Upgrading is simple and easy. Purchase StorNext solutions directly from Quantum


Get the best balance of performance, scalability and value


Meets the needs of the most demanding workflows

Only Quantum supports the entire media lifecycle

Only Quantum offers you a complete solution—from the leading high-performance StorNext File System, to sophisticated content and asset tiering and moving capabilities with Quantum Storage Manager—all supported by one company

Quantum offers integrated, dedicated StorNext appliances to drive your workflow from end-to-end: Ingest and on-line access with Xcellis workflow Directors, Xcellis workflow storage, and innovative Lattus object storage or StorNext AEL Archives for long-term storage

Easily integrate Quantum Lattus object storage into your StorNext environment for nearline or archive storage with the immediate access of a disk-based solution

Quantum StorNext, Xcellis and Lattus technology and solutions lead the way in the world’s most Media and Entertainment workflows.

With Quantum, you get a complete, integrated and optimized StorNext environment from a single vendor to solve your toughest workflow challenges.

If you are currently using StorNext purchased through Active Storage, rest assured that Quantum will work to support our partners and customers under existing support contracts.

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