About StorNext

A: StorNext is the industry leading, high-performance scale-out shared storage file system for users on almost any operating system. Since its first release two decades ago, StorNext has undergone continuous development and optimization and enjoys wide adoption anywhere teams of users need to share a common, cross-platform environment in collaborative workflows. StorNext is engineered for modern storage and server architectures and topologies where business require high performance shared access to large, data-intensive workloads. ‘StorNext’ is often used to refer to not only the scale-out parallel storage file system or Storage Manager software, but also the highly tuned and optimized appliances that serve it and the ecosystem of third-party solutions.

A: StorNext uses a Metadata Controller Server/Client architecture. The StorNext Metadata Controller Server is deployed in fail-over, highly redundant pairs and manages the shared storage and access to the files on that storage for connected clients which can be on a wide array of client operating systems including OS X, Windows and many Linux operating systems.

A: StorNext is developed by Quantum in the United States by a team of nearly two hundred dedicated engineers. These engineers not only develop StorNext and StorNext Storage Manager, but also directly address client issues and even dedicated feature request via special Quantum Engagement Programs.

StorNext and StorNext Storage Manager

A: Quantum StorNext Storage Manager is a storage tiering and management solution that can automatically move files in your StorNext environment based on your workflow or business rules. For example, you could write a rule that will automatically move assets to lower cost nearline storage or tape based on how frequently a file is accessed or its creation date. These files will still be recallable and accessible to StorNext at any time, yet help optimize your organizations storage strategy. Many Media and Entertainment environments that in the past simply added more ‘ad hoc’ storage to grow their primary SANs have found that implementing StorNext Storage Manager in combination with their asset management and production automation software yield enormous savings by leveraging different tiers of storage, and greater control and manageability of their production environment.

A: StorNext Storage Manager is available as standalone software that integrates with your StorNext Metadata Appliances, or is simply included when choosing StorNext integrated tape archive solutions such as the StorNext AEL Archive.

StorNext Optimized Appliances

A: A StorNext Metadata Appliance consists of a failover pair of servers called metadata controllers that manage connected scale-out shared storage in highly redundant pairs and a storage array to hold the metadata information. The metadata controllers connect to the scale-out shared storage and direct file movement over high bandwidth, low latency FibreChannel connections via a FibreChannel switched network. The metadata controller are also connected via a dedicated Ethernet network that passes metadata information (information about the files such as client file requests) so that this communication will not impinge on the file movement bandwidth.

A: Simply visit our Customer Support Center or call your Quantum Support Desk to get the latest information on available updates.

A: Quantum StorNext storage such as the StorNext Q-Series are optimized to work with StorNext Metadata Appliances. By connecting over the same FibreChannel network, the Q-Series storage is available for use and management by the metadata controller and presented for access by the FibreChannel connected clients. Depending on the client’s access privileges, files and folders on the storage can be made available to teams or individual users as needed.

A: The StorNext Gateway is an appliance that extends the sharing of Quantum StorNext shared scale-out storage to a large number of Ethernet-connected clients. Typically, these clients need review, or lower bandwidth access to files on the shared storage and are served efficiently via Ethernet connections.

A: Quantum Lattus Object Storage is the only object storage technology that can be integrated with Quantum StorNext – and is part of Quantum’s scale-out shared storage platform. By combining StorNext with Lattus’ petabyte-class scalability, extreme degrees of data integrity over very long periods of time and fast access and recall of stored assets, customers can build fast, highly scalable and efficient solutions.

A: Object Storage is a new approach to data storage across multiple data storage units such as hard drives that offers large scale storage at scales and levels of data integrity not possible with RAID storage. Rather than storing parity data on individual disk ‘stripes’ as is common on RAID storage solutions, object storage represents data as a number of data objects with both data and metadata components including a universal identification address. If any of a data’s component objects are unreachable, the missing objects can be recreated from the other objects by ‘solving’ for the missing information. The individual components of the data structure can exist virtually anywhere as long as they are accessible to the object storage controllers.

A: Lattus is called ‘next-generation’ object storage to distinguish it from earlier and simpler approaches called ‘rule of three’ or multiple copy rules erroneously called object storage. In addition to integration with StorNext, Lattus is true object storage in that it uses sophisticated Forward Error Correction algorithms to calculate, verify and solve for its data objects.

A: Lattus is available in three versions

  • Lattus-M that is integrated into Quantum StorNext environments,
  • Lattus-X for access via NAS protocols,
  • and Lattus-D for archive storage in conjunction with an archiving solutions.

A: StorNext AEL Archives are “archive enabled libraries,” a series of tape storage appliances that are integrated with StorNext. In this way, tape storage can be a copy or data tiering destination of StorNext independently of dedicated backup solutions as part of a tiered storage strategy.

StorNext Pro Solutions

A: The StorNext Pro Solutions are a new way to select optimized, complete, fully supported and warranty-backed storage designed to address today’s most pressing professional broadcast and post-production needs. Whether you are building a 4K post-production studio, refreshing an existing Xsan deployment, or building a new broadcast facility, StorNext provides the perfect storage to support high-volume workflows. Selecting and owning an integrated solution easier than ever–everything needed from Quantum is included; a high-performance StorNext Metadata Appliance optimized for the power of StorNext, software maintenance, a service spares kit for immediate component replacement, a three year warranty plan and 30 minute email or phone response time* (*excludes general inquiries)

A: StorNext Pro Solutions were developed to help customers choose the correct components for their workflow need, ensuring the best performance, capabilities, and ease of ordering under a single part number. By including everything from Quantum needed to deploy a complete solution and backing it with an on-site service spares kit, a three year warranty and 30 minute call or email support*, customers can focus on their creative and production workflows.

A: There are three StorNext Pro Solution offerings: StorNext Pro Studio is designed to easily refresh or enhance existing Apple Xsan storage environments by providing a high-performance, scalable and 100% Xsan-compatible solution with 48 TB of storage capacity. StorNext Pro Studio integrates the StorNext M441D Metadata Appliance with the StorNext QX-1200 RAID Storage, making it cost-effective, easier to deploy and ideal for today’s production studios. StorNext Pro 4K provides high-performance storage for both new and existing StorNext deployments to support demanding 4K media workflows. With flash-based metadata performance using the StorNext M445 SSD Metadata Appliance and scalability provided by StorNext QX-1200 RAID Storage (192 TB raw capacity), this configuration enables efficient 4K workflows, including ingest, production and delivery. StorNext Pro Production gives post and broadcast professionals a complete storage platform spanning content production to content library management. Combining the highly scalable StorNext M662XL Metadata Appliance, StorNext QX-1200 RAID Storage (96 TB raw) and StorNext AEL6 41-slot (102.5 TB) LTO-6 library, this unified storage foundation effectively serves production workgroups, integrated Windows/Linux review stations, proxy and transcode servers, LTFS acquisition, delivery and archive.

A: Pricing is available from your Quantum Authorized Reseller. One great way to get information about the different solutions is to contact a workflow solution expert right from the contact form on StorNext.com:

StorNext Pro studiosStorNext Pro 4K StorNext Pro Production

A: Each StorNext Pro Solution includes the individual StorNext Appliances for that solution, 3 Year Hardware and Software Warranty on all Quantum components, 30 minute support response via phone or email*, a service spares kit, unlimited Apple Xsan client support, and 10 StorNext licenses for use with any mix of Windows and Linux clients. Solutions that include the M662XL Metadata Appliance also include unlimited Windows/Linux DLC clients via their built-in dual StorNext Gateways.

* Except for general inquiries

A: StorNext Pro Solutions are installed by your Authorized StorNext installer, or by the Quantum Professional Services team working with your Authorized Quantum Reseller. Our goal is to get your new solution installed and configured so that you are ‘up and running’ in your new production environment as seamlessly as possible.

A: StorNext Pro Solutions provide the storage and sharing (collaboration) Appliances needed in a StorNext workflow. For new deployments, infrastructure components such as FibreChannel cabling, switches, adapter cards and Thunderbolt to FC products as well as general IP networking components should be supplied by your Authorized StorNext Reseller and should be determined as part of the deployment planning process. Existing deployments will likely already have the infrastructure needed to deploy StorNext Pro with no changes. Please consult your Authorized StorNext Reseller or your Quantum representative.

A: Yes, each StorNext Pro Solution includes a Metadata Appliance that contains Metadata storage to support from two to eight volumes (file systems) in the base configuration. Optional Metadata expansion systems are available to support additional volumes to the deployment as required.

StorNext Versions and Compatibility

A: StorNext is 100% compatible with Apple’s Xsan. Apple clients can connect to StorNext environments using Xsan software, and Windows and Linux systems can connect to Xsan environments by using StorNext FX software. While Xsan and StorNext should both be upgraded to the latest version for best compatibility, compatibility for earlier versions that have not yet migrated can be checked on both Apple and Quantum websites.

A: Migrating from Xsan to take advantage of the full Quantum StorNext platform can be a simple as replacing your Xsan Metadata Controller server with a Quantum StorNext Metadata Appliance. The clients can use their existing Xsan software.