StorNext – The ultimate file management platform

StorNext’s open, reliable and proven platform lets you not only choose best-of-breed solutions for file management, but also leverage StorNext and Storage Manager, and API to integrate custom software solutions to realize your vision for fast, yet highly manageable file workflow operations.

1.Parallel File System and Advanced Management | StorNext’s high performance parallel file system and Storage Manager software work together to deliver seamless integration and operation for flexible and expressive rules-based management, tiering and archiving, from fastest disk, to nearline via disk, tape, or cloud depending on your workflow needs.

2.Use Best-of-Breed Solutions | StorNext’s open platform ensures that you have the widest choice of Non-Linear Editors, Media, Asset and Production Asset Managers and Production Automation solutions and more. You can be sure that these solutions will work seamlessly with the the widest level of support from a rich ecosystem of best-of-breed third party solutions.

3.File Migration Choice | Leverage the tightly integrated StorNext and Storage Manager, output to LTFS format for delivery and archive, or leverage StorNext API or even REST API via StorNext Lattus Object Storage.