StorNext 5 and Adobe Anywhere

StorNext 5 is an ideal deployment platform for Adobe Anywhere – allowing resilient, fast and powerful collaboration anywhere users have internet connections. Remotely edit and collaborate from anywhere in the world, even on lower bandwidth connections knowing that your workflows are served by the speed, capability and performance of StorNext 5.

1.Ingest Transcode and Catalog | Similar to local environments, ingest and conform your source files and make them available to your Adobe Anywhere intstallation

2.Leverage the Full StorNext 5 Platform | Adobe Anywhere servers leverage fast and reliable StorNext 5 appliances and StorNext 5 to serve the files to remotely connected users.

3.Full Power to Remote Users | Remote Users edit at full resolution, review and approve as they would in a normal workflow – even over lower-bandwidth or less-reliable connections

4.Manage and Share | Thanks to the StorNext 5 platform, the full suite of StorNext 5 management and sharing options are available to extend your Adobe Anywhere installation from easiliy adding more primary storage (such as StorNext QXS-Series storage), nearline storage (up to and including Lattus Object Storage) or fan out to ethernet clients (with StorNext G300 Gateway Appliances) or to StorNext enabled tape libraries such as the AEL 500.

5.Transcode and Deliver | StorNext 5’s open architecture and rock-solid performance and compatible mean that you can extend your deployment with the widest choice of best-of-breed solutions such as transcoders, delivery tools, and more.

6.Archive and Retrieve | The StorNext 5 platform allow you to leverage sophisticated archive and retrieval strategies integrated with your Asset Manager software of choice, StorNext Storage Manager, or via open API