New Features in StorNext 5

StorNext 5 is not only up to 10x faster, but 5x more scalable and offers new features and is more flexible than ever.

1.Affinities | StorNext 5 allows you to set affinities based on filetype and takes advantage of new auto-tuning to deliver highest performing workflows based on your individual requirements. You can ‘steer’ or set affinities for DPX files on one volume, another for only 4K files, and more.

2.FibreChannel, iSCSI or InfiniBand | StorNext 5’s speed and flexibility opens new possibilities for FibreChannel, 10Gb iSCSI, or even InfiniBand connectivity

3.SSD Based MDC LUN’s | StorNext 5 takes full advantage of not only modern, multi-core chips but also SSD drives for storing Metadata information quickly and efficiently to achieve the highest levels of performance

4.LTFS Support | StorNext 5 provides native LTFS allowing you to deliver LTO tapes in open, LTFS format for your archiving or file exchange needs.

5.StorNext 5 Optimized Appliances | The newest StorNext appliances are tuned for the best performance from StorNext 5 throughout your entire workflow from ingest through distribution and delivery

6.Storage Manager Support | Storage Manager gains speed improvements with StorNext 5 to support sophisticated and flexible rules-based file management and tiering to manage your growing workflow operations with the greatest value. You can easily and automatically archive files based on type, age or size among other criteria and move to StorNext integrated tape archives via ANTF or LTFS formats.