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Title: Maximizing Process, Creative and Content Lifecycle Value with Workflow-Optimized Storage

Cloud Archive for StorNext 5 Workflows Made Easy

Adding the cloud to your workflow has never been more simple with Q-Cloud Archive and StorNext 5.

Reach for the Cloud With StorNext 5

Advanced cloud capabilities today with zero disruption in your workflow

StorNext Pro Solutions

Optimized Storage for Modern Digital Workflows. 4K Ready, 100% Xsan-Compatible, Superior Performance, Lower Cost, Easier to Purchase and Deploy.

Is Your Workflow Storage Showing its Age?

Upgrade your Xserve or Metadata Controller, or your Active Storage, Promise, Rorke, or Nexsan RAID storage for trade-up credits on a StorNext Solution.

What is StorNext 5?

StorNext® 5 is the next generation workflow storage platform providing content production, distribution, and archive with the performance and reliability needed to meet extreme production and delivery deadlines. StorNext 5 is an end–to–end solution allowing you to rapidly monetize content in digital libraries. StorNext 5 is designed for performance from the ground up and built on the foundation of providing high-performance collaboration to leading post and broadcast for over a decade.

What’s new in StorNext 5?

  • Improved ingest and transcode performance
  • Integrated high-speed archive and data management
  • Optimized SAN and LAN client workflows
  • Independently scales performance and capacity up to 5 billion files
  • Policy-based, automated migration for tiered storage and archive
  • Full support for SSD, disk, object storage, LTO/LTFS tape
  • Best-of-breed compatibility with the entire media production ecosystem
  • High-speed collaboration across Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux

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End-to-End Workflows
End-to-End Workflows
With the production and distribution of news and sports being targeted to viewers on multiple devices, enabling a file-based workflow that is both adaptable and streamlined is top-priority.
Digic Pictures and Streamlined Workflow
Digic Pictures and Streamlined Workflow
High performance is not a game at Digic Pictures—it’s a critical requirement to stay ahead in the film, computer graphics, and video game industry.
Media and Entertainment
Quantum for Media and Entertainment
Go behind the scenes with UFC and Digic Pictures to see how they use Quantum Stornext to fully integrate their end-to-end content management needs.
WORKFLOW: Optimus and StorNext
To deliver the high-quality creative content their clients demand, Optimus combines multiple, top of-the-line applications across its video processing tasks.
ARCHIVE : In A Quantum StorNext Content Workflow
See how UFC manages vast amounts of content to remonetize assets and distribute across the globe.
StorNext Workflows
StorNext Workflows
See how StorNext 5 fits into the latest best practices for workflows in the media and entertainment industry.
The Ark
The Ark - Post Production Studio
The Ark required a solution capable of handling a multi-petabyte archive of digital assets while also providing self-healing, self-protection and fast retrieval times.
BYU Hawaii - StorNext Manages Rich Media
BYU-Hawaii produces a wide variety of videos, including live broadcasts of athletic events and concerts, web streams, online classes, documentaries, promotional materials and class instruction.

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