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Xcellis Next Generation Workflow Storage

Powered by StorNext 5, the world’s leading collaborative content production and archive software platform, Xcellis delivers a balanced combination of performance, reliability and scalability.

Xcellis Workflow Storage

Xcellis for Enhanced Workflows

Xcellis combines the power of SAN and the low cost connectivity of NAS in a fully scalable hardware solution that simplifies the storage architecture and streamlines operations. With Xcellis, you can enhance your workflows to boost user efficiency, productivity and creativity in delivering the products and services that drive your business.

The Xcellis Workflow Director

The Xcellis Workflow Director is at the heart of the Xcellis Workflow. With its pair of fully redundant 1U servers, Xcellis delivers a metadata control and client connectivity that’s fully scalable from a few users to 100’s and for high resolutions of 4K and beyond.

Xcellis stores metadata on fast, redundant SSD storage (Xcellis MD Array) in configurations shared with online storage or as standalone metadata storage.

The Xcellis Workflow Director

Flexible Client Connectivity

Xcellis provides flexible client connectivity with any combination of Fibre Channel and IP clients and in mixed SAN and NAS topologies to meet any workflow requirement, whether you are looking for the fastest multi-stream 4K performance or simple NAS connected transcoders or review stations.

Xcellis also allows StorNext DLC clients for Mac, Windows, and Linux users providing Fibre Channel – like performance over lower cost Ethernet IP for many client applications.

Flexible Client Connectivity

Built to Grow

Xcellis is built to grow as your workflow needs change. You can easily and independently increase capacity and performance with any combination of Xcellis online storage without ever needing a “forklift upgrade”. The Xcellis Workflow Director streamlines adding new hardware and changing storage configuration.

Like all StorNext solutions, Xcellis provides compatibility with best-of-breed applications in the vast StorNext technology partner ecosystem.

Built to Grow

Single Pane of Glass

With Xcellis you can take advantage of the advanced management and monitoring capabilities of StorNext Connect. StorNext Connect provides a single pane of glass view of your entire Xcellis workflow, making deployment, management and monitoring easy, and saving both time and effort for IT personnel.

Single Pane of Glass

An entirely intelligent managed environment that is giving customers the best performance when they need it, the lowest cost capacity when they need it and access to all of their data from any platform.
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